In pursuit of the perfect drive

Tuners  •  racers  •  purists is a new, purist-only performance auto community devoted to speed and the love of it. We love cars that go fast, and laugh at cars that 'look' fast. Sporting a 3" tip on a 2" exhaust or some fake carbon fiber? Go Away. No - seriously, click here.

Got a serious jones for G-loads? Threshold brake at the end of your driveway? Heel-toe onto every clover leaf in town? This is your spot. Scare the crap out of passengers? Spend hours on Google Earth looking for the twistiest road around? Have you asked yourself whether you really need that stereo weight? You've found your home.

Our forums will be dedicated to power, handling, braking, and reliability. Our DIY section will feature detailed explanations of your favorite performance mods. Check our Reviews and Tests section for info on tuned cars and tuner parts. Got a video of you shredding your favorite road or smoking your neightbor in your machine? Submit it, and if it's good, we'll get it posted for everyone to enjoy. All members get a 'Member Rides' page of their own to customize, and everyone can send photos in for the galleries. This site will be built by you guys - the car nuts, the gear heads, the enthusiasts... the PURISTS


Favorite quotes:


"I will drive flat out all the time. I love racing." - Gilles Villeneuve

" Auto racing, bull fighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports ... all others are games." - Earnest Hemingway

"Winning is like a drug...I can't settle for second or third in no circumstances whatsoever" - Ayrton Senna